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CT stands for computerized tomography, but most people know it as a CAT scan. A CT scan is a special type of x-ray procedure that produces an image of a cross section, or slice, of the body, similar to a slice of bread out of a loaf. CT is a valuable diagnostic tool that can detect some conditions that plain x-rays cannot. It can show detailed images of all parts of the body, including the bones, muscles, fat and organs. The CT scan aids in the diagnosis of tumors; indicates internal bleeding, infections and abnormal fluid collection; and can check for other internal injuries. Be sure to ask your doctor about CT scans and about Sikeston Imaging Center. For more information on CT, see the CT section at RadiologyInfo.org

High field MRI is used to obtain the highest resolution, full-body images faster than ever before. The superior imaging capability of our Siemens Magnatom Avanto provides unsurpassed speed and a whole new level of diagnostic detail. This superior imaging quality improves patient diagnosis and treatment for a number of diseases. In addition to the superior quality of the high field MRI, the patient-friendly design, with feet-first access, makes it inviting for those patients who may be uncomfortable in small spaces. With increased imaging quality and speed, patients will not have to be repositioned during the scan and noise reduction frees patients from wearing ear protection for many routine exams.

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